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Caring Activities for Preschoolers

As an Experience Early Learning Blog Ambassador, we receive the Experience Early Learning preschool curriculum in exchange for sharing our honest and authentic stories resulting from our personal experiences. As always, our opinions on amazing things for children are 100% our own. Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best judgement when planning activities for your children.

collage of caring preschool activities with text: Friends & Feelings Caring Activities for Preschoolers

We're working on week three of our Friends & Feelings preschool theme from Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time) and this week, the focus is on Caring.

several preschoolers sitting around a table making Get Well cards with bandages

We made bandage cards and they were a huge hit! The kids loved it and we chose to do it all together so that the kids could make their person step by step. The children drew their eyes with markers.

One of this week's circle time activities from Experience Early Learning was practicing saying sorry! We all built towers together and then practiced taking turns tossing a cube into our pink bin.

preschooler making towers with blocks while playing sorry game

Then, if a tower was hit, we said sorry to our friends and helped to rebuild their tower. It was a blast and the kids did really well.

Another favorite activity this week was the -ad Feelings Game. The emotions were very fun to act out as we moved around the board! Most kids did not recognize the letters to make a word without a lot of teacher assistance.

preschoolers sitting at a table playing -ad board game

We would help them with the sounds and then put them together to make the word. We really loved that they practiced looking at the same words on the board as they did on the heart tiles.

preschoolers sitting at table playing feelings game

We taught the children how to play the Tic-Tac-Toe Faces game by having the kids get with a partner and then pick blue or purple tiles.

Then, we had them hold up one square at a time, with the teachers modeling the actions. We took turns together as a whole group until someone got three in a row.

Don't forget to check back next week to see what we're up to as we finish our Friends & Feelings theme with Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time).

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