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About Us


The management and staff at Pitter Patter Place Childcare are dedicated to the care and early education of young children.  Through play, children work and learn individually and cooperatively with their peers and with adults. Our goal is to help parents raise children who work well with others and who enjoy learning.

We work with you to help develop your child’s strengths as we monitor their
developmental milestones with you.

We set reasonable limits with logical consequences so that your children will be safe, healthy and learn self-control. Emotional awareness is very important and we'll work with you to help them understand how and why they, and their friends are feeling.  We strive to develop a strong relationship with parents so that you can trust our trained and educated caregivers and be comfortable leaving your child with us. 

And, our flexible scheduling means you are never locked into a set schedule.

Input from parents is highly valued, and we offer ideas and help for home as well. You can have peace of mind entrusting your children to Pitter Patter Place.

What sets Pitter Patter Place Childcare and Preschool
apart from the others?

Our Classrooms

We offer a full preschool/ kindergarten readiness  program . Rest assured that your child is being well-prepared for kindergarten and beyond. They’ll learn something new every day, including how to play  and work with each other and adults. 

Our Toddlers learn to play together and have lots of room to run, romp and play. They can dress up, paint, play with sand or water,
learn with science activities and so much more. 

Our babies are loved and cared for by caring teachers who talk, sing, read and are on the floor playing with them.

Our playground is a 50' x 50' fenced grassy area with a pavilion and deck. We have so much to play with the children always have fun.
For safety, there are protective barriers from the road. 

healthy meals & snacks

Our meals are freshly made in our facility from fresh, wholesome ingredients. The children (and parents) are very happy with the food options we provide. 

school transportation

  We are located in the New Brighton School district but service is provided to all these local school districts:

Beaver School District

Blackhawk School District 

New Brighton School District

Rochester School District


Our History

We opened our doors in 2012. Ever since then, your children have been our top priority. We want you and your children to feel loved, happy and excited to learn and grow.


Many people have asked "Why the name Pitter Patter Place?" 


      When I was a child, my great-grandmother used to always say,“I hear the pitter-patter of little angel feet," then she would give me the kind of hug that I will always remember. I felt loved! That was my inspiration for the name.

Debra Biernesser, Owner

Childcare vs. Daycare

Why do we use the term "childcare" and not "daycare"?  It's simple ... We care for children and not days! 
The term "daycare," in our opinion, sounds more like babysitting,  which is not our purpose. We truly focus on
care and education" and "childcare" as your children are educated and cared for throughout their day. 

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