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Space Activities for Preschoolers

As an Experience Early Learning Blog Ambassador, we receive the Experience Early Learning preschool curriculum in exchange for sharing our honest and authentic stories resulting from our personal experiences. As always, our opinions on amazing things for children are 100% our own. Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best judgement when planning activities for your children.

collage of preschool space activities with text: Space Preschool Activities

This week we're learning about Rock Planets with Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time) and today's topic is Earth.

Earth is the third planet from the sun and of course the planet where we live.

Today's activities included making an earth collage, exploring number sense, learning about the letter R, and more.

group of preschoolers making earth collage art

I thought it would be fun to share a bit about our math and literacy activities for this topic from Experience Early Learning.

For math, we explored number sense and practiced gross motor skills.

paper plates with planet labels on floor in order from closest to farthest from the sun

We labeled eight paper plates - one for each planet - and worked together to put the planets in order from 1st to 8th from the sun.

preschooler tossing pompom onto paper plate planet

After we got all of the planets in the correct order, we used pompoms and practiced ordinal numbers by saying a position (first, third, etc.) and encouraging the children to toss the pompom to that planet.

preschoolers putting paper plate planets in order on the floor

For literacy, we worked on our alphabet knowledge.

We taped a giant R on the floor and set out different items that could roll.

preschoolers walking along R made with tape on the floor

The preschoolers explored rolling different objects on the taped R and of course walking on the "R path" too.

All in all, it was a wonderful day of earth and space-themed activities!

Don't forget to stop back next week to see what we're up to as we learn even more about Space & Sky with Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time).

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