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Telephone Activities for Preschoolers

As an Experience Early Learning Blog Ambassador, we receive the Experience Early Learning preschool curriculum in exchange for sharing our honest and authentic stories resulting from our personal experiences. As always, our opinions on amazing things for children are 100% our own. Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best judgement when planning activities for your children.

collage of telephone activities for preschoolers with text: Telephone Activities Communication for Preschoolers

We're wrapping up this month's Friends & Feelings theme from Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time) with Communication and today's telephone activities were lots of fun!

preschooler making pretend telephone

Today's activities were definitely some of our favorites this month. We focused on phones and talking on a phone.

It was so easy to add in two really practical skills - emergency situations and learning our phone numbers.

We discussed who we talk to on the phone as well as some polite ways to talk on the phone.

pretend phone and phone book supplies on table

The children decorated pretend telephone books as well as making an adorable cardboard phone Make & Play.

We assisted 3-year-olds in writing their phone numbers in their phonebooks from Experience Early Learning, but all kids were given their number to look at and copy.

preschooler coloring telephone book printable

The preschoolers were encouraged to practice dialing the phone numbers in their phonebooks and then speaking politely to each person.

preschooler jumping on pretend floor phone to dial 9-1-1

We did the math small group activity all together during circle time. The kids loved jumping on the pretend floor phone to dial 911.

To get ready for this fun gross motor activity, we wrote the numbers 0-9 on separate pieces of paper and arranged them on the floor to look like a keypad.

During this activity, we discussed who to call in case of an emergency, and of course jumping on the floor phone was a great way to add in some gross motor practice too.

Don't forget to check back next week as we get started with our Orchard Harvest theme from Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time).

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